Current Positions 2/7/2011

good week last week for sure…as u can see most of the pos were added friday and thursday!
i will need to lighten up as i basically went from heavy cash to heavy invested due to the prodding of our good folks in the chatroom to get me intoxicated on friday! so i have a few too many stocks.
its hard to monitor this many swing positions..
i still notice too many people are selling stocks for just a few cents..they are so happy to see a gain they take the 50 bucks and sit back and smile.  A gain is not a gain. sometimes a gain is a good as a loss if u dont follow ur trade plan and dont give a stock a chance to live its full potential.
See these stocks?  Most of these are swings.  If you want to make to make 10-30% on a trade you have to give it a bit of room to breath and grow.  A chance to rise towards its targets.
daytrading is a great thing but remember
there are no billionaire daytraders.  not even very many multimillionaire daytraders
there are times in the market when daytrading is all we can do.  but right now you got to mix them and give things a chance.  Thats why i like to sell 1/2 when i see a gain so i can lock in some “paymy bills income” then i let the partial run a bit see what happens.



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