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Swing Watch List Update 2/8/11

The market has been on quite an impressive move – hell, it seems to never want to stop.  For those of you trading swing positions and less involved in intraday scalps, there are plenty of good trades.  A lot of the large cap leaders have moved to 52 week highs and the smallcaps can’t help but follow.  
Here is my latest Watch List Update.  
I’m removing the trades that closed last week to keep the list less cluttered.
Stocks that stopped out today:

EMKR – stopped out at 11.79 for 11.88% gain (possible gains much higher if you were able to play intraday).

PLG – stopped for basically break even.  
ACAD – stopped out today for 2% loss. UG. Reversal after opening at day’s highs.  
New swings triggered today:
CRIS – triggered at 3.06. Morning strength gave way to afternoon weakness. We’ll have to see if it can build on today’s gains tomorrow. 
Still active swings:
ZLCS – currently up over 25% from swing entry.
VG – up 8% since entry
VSCP – up 25% since entry
AA – up 4% since entry
DD – up 5% since entry 
MERC – up  6% since entry 
Keep an eye out for new trade setups tomorrow morning. 

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