3 thoughts on “MSN StockScouter Top 50”

  1. Ryan,

    Here are a few possible swings I am looking at – comments?
    $TGA looks to be just above support – in between the 50% and 61.8% fib, I like a break of 14.24 (50dma) w/vol

    $DBLE is just below 50dma, I like w/ break of 50dma

    • TGA – ok. yeah, i like your entry off of a consolidation. Main concern is volume (only 190k on friday) and strong resistance near 15.32. Not a lot of room there. I also don’t like that SMA10 is below 20.. I’m generally neutral – this stock hasn’t moved when most in the sector have.

      DBLE – Another low volume stock basing here at sma50. I like an entry above 9.20 to clear recent candles, but an entry above SMA50 might not be bad. It just hasn’t proven that it will hold (Thurs and Friday both failed to hold above). It’s another one I’m neutral on unless volume comes in – then it could boom. worth having on the watch list.


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