Boom Boom stocks 3/25/2011

Morning folks. futures are gapping up this morning slightly.  Gold up .5% and oil making slight move higher at .38% .  once again this market shows its resiliency overlooking some of the nervous headlines and marching higher and upwards.  all the major indexes closed above 20 day moving averages.  i barely heard any chatter on japan, qe, libya pretty much anything.  Housing number, jobs etc all been shrugged off.  Seems  expectations are for a good earnings season setting us up for a run right into them.  We are starting to nudge against some secondary resistance in the indexes (downtrend lines)  lets see if we can take them out today.  If we can that should set us on the way back up to the top of the range on the indexes.  If bears cant muster a push downwards here this is pretty much their last stand.

stocks im watching

there are hundreds of setups..ill post more intraday.

p.s. this oil run is not over. those smallcap oil stocks are just taking a breather..when u least expect it they will gear up and run 20%.



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