3/27/2011 gameplan

lot of these stocks will be ready tomorrow.  some might take a few days to set it up.  making and organizing watchlists is very very important.  You constantly have to prune them and cut stocks out and take the good ones and move them over to the next day.  So when i make tomorrow a …

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A Look Ahead 3.28.11

Ok – let’s keep this as simple as possible. The market is never 100% predictable. Anyone who thinks they know where the market is going is either superhuman, or delusional. Remember, we’re not in the cockpit of this airplane, we’re passengers. And as a passenger, we can choose to fight the pilot, hang our heads …

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MSN StockScouter Top 50

Welcome to the first edition of the MSN StockScouter Top 50 favorite list where I take the best of the 50 (technically).  I’ll probably update this 2 times per week.. We’ll see how often their data changes.