Internet stock list

HUGE day in the boom room today.. we had huge winners in $bvsn(+1.00), $mobi(+.30), $bont(+.30), $il(+.60), $ffn (+.15), $sqns (+.20), $siga (+.20),  $gluu (+.10), $kutv (.10), $ram (.15), $ziop (.30), $rptp (.30), $nlst (.25), $aumn (.40), $exel (.40) and the list goes on and on..

Anyways I made a list of internet stocks that run together so that next time we can just pull up this list and wont miss any! Put it in your archive and have it handy for next time

If you didn’t make money today, due to the PDT rule check out this blog.  Taking away the PDT rule can help you increase your gains exponentially on a day like today… If you want some info email me

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