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1/30 watchlist

Big apologies for the 100 emails from me this weekend.. there was a bug in the system friday and so every alert sent out a million times. Hopefully it is fixed now. Im really sorry.. here is my watchlist for monday!

KERX- flagging, watch the break of 3.15

FCH- one of my favorite charts.. flagging. 4 dollar break should set it running again

DRWI- another stock that is flagging, break of 4.18

ZAGG- watch the break of the 50dma for a push, 9.4 is the spot

LNG- big breakout at 12.87

VG- could pop thru that 50dma at 2.42.. nice volume expansion

YOKU- big day friday, got another breakout level at 23.4.. watch that spot

MOBI- internet stocks hot friday.. this chart is really hot.. on watch for more. stock is flagging

SVNT-  long flat base in this one.. watching for it to finally break

WFR- breakout at 5 bucks, nice chart

ISLE- watch the break of 5.16

SVU- short watch below 6.84

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