Boom Boom Stocks 1/27/2012

Evening folks!  Well the market finally closed red today down about .5%.  At this point we havent violated any key level of support for all we know this is just a pullback in working off an overbought situation.  One day is just 1 day.  What the market needs to do is follow through on the downside beyond just a day or 2.  Thats when you reall got to get defensive. 

We had an intense day in the chatroom with runners across the board. breakouts were not only working but they were following through and rebreaking intraday.  You look a stock like Ener after its morning pop it based then broke again and had an epic run.   We had some huge trades in USU (1.50 TO 1.60) OXGN (1.17 TO 1.28) LIVE (3.53 TO 5.22) GERN (1.8 TO 2.00) PRMW (3.0 TO 3.14)  SBSA SHORT , YNDX ETc etc… we had quite a few daytrades today.  Some great calls by the sandman7597  especially on gern and xide.  He has been killing it!


short watchlist today im out tomorrow 

i forgot to put BONT on it but its hot (list is a bit disorganized as im on the run)


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