IMPORTANT: New Company Structure – Please Read

BullsonWallStreet recently went through a business structural change that involved buying out partners and giving primary ownership to Kunal (this is a good thing). With this change, Bulls will need to move all Bulls GOLD members to a new PayPal account. Unfortunately, this cannot be done on the back-end through PayPal – you will need to start up a new membership with our new PayPal account a month from the date of your last payment…


  • If you are a PRO member, you do nothing – disregard this blog post completely.
  • If you are a NEW member and signed up for a Bulls Gold membership on or after August 24th (last 8 days), then you do nothing – disregard this blog post completely.

Here is what we need from you (paying GOLD members who subscribed before August 24th) to help with the process:

  1. Proof of payment – Unfortunately, with this move, we are not able to view payments received in August.  If you payed the monthly membership of $95 in August, then your account is up to date.  However, that subscription will NOT automatically bill again in September as all of the Paypal accounts prior to August 24th have been canceled.  However, to be sure you are not billed by the old PayPal account again, please take the time to cancel your old membership – this will not affect your website access. In order to know who you are (paid in August), we need you to send us proof of purchase for the month of August (your PayPal receipt).  You can send it to  There should not be any personal information on this confirmation, but if you have concerns, let us know.   Please send confirmation of membership as soon as possible because we are going to clean out the database within the next week and only those with proof of membership will remain (plus all PRO members).
  2. Start a new membership with Bulls – On the August receipt that you are sending us as proof of membership, there should be a date of the transaction.  You are paid up through a month after that date and you will continue to have full access to the site as you do today.  However, 30 days after the date on your receipt, you will need to start a new membership by subscribing on the Services Page of our website.  This will put you into our new PayPal account.  Please note:  After you sign up through Paypal, do NOT follow the registration steps that follow on because we already have your registration information.  So, once you’ve paid (sometime in September), you are done – no need to register.

We apologize for the inconvenience and please don’t hesitate to contact our team if you have any questions.  We are very excited about the future of Bulls and the freedom we now have to improve the site experience and services.

Thank you,

Kunal Desai & Ryan Mathews



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