The Las VEgas

As you guys know me and maribeth are here for stock conference.  If any of you guys are in town please call me or text me 517-974-1480 or email me

WE have many of the guys in the chat with us already bryesenp, flyballloon, vray (she is really hot! dont tell her i said that) , outsidertrade, kunal00 (thats me!!!!!) , flygas idrinkchai (once he gets here he took 4 connection flights so he could save 21 dollars true story!  and others are meeting later.

The plan is to go have some food and drinks tonight! then take shots of el toro! make idrinkchai dance to “walk like an egyption” and then have a pajama party ….wake up and trade in the morning!


p.s. if anybody has a video camera I would like to make a music/dance video.  Ive already got the props and about 10 gold chains, a basketball jersey, red flip flops, and a zest to dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



9 thoughts on “The Las VEgas”

  1. I love you all ! Enjoy yourselves and enjoy the best moments together. They are true moments to cherish in life, especially spending time with a legend like Kunal. Wish I could be there with you guys.

    Best of luck trading, and best of luck at the tables !

  2. Have fun guys, wish I could join. Would be great to meet everyone considering I have a day job and won’t be in the chat room much. Kunal you had better post that music video…


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