As many of you guys know Me and maribeth @mb_willoughby will be speaking at Tim Sykes penny stocking conference in October 22nd-24th at the Venetian Hotel.

conference details are here .  It should be a great as all the speakers there are good personal friends of mine for the past few years.  We have @investorslive @foustockpicks @biorunup @timothysykes @sangluccitrades all speaking there over 3 days.   For the type of trading we do investorslive and foustockpicks are amazing momo traders that trade very similiar stuff to what we do in the boom boom room just with a different style, they will be going over their strategy with you guys.  My man Sangluccitrades might be the best options trader in the game who is 27 years old and already a millionaire (i know what a dick!).  I do warn you though he is not not asian even though his name makes him sound like confucious!  He is INDIAN!!!!!!!!!! (ever since slumdog millionaire we are taking over!)  then we have tim…no introduction necessary as he is the one trader in the land even louder then me. And the biorunup guys who i have gotten to know quite a bit this year and have amazing skills and strategies


anybody who gets their ticket by this saturday also gets these bonus’s

the free bonuses for anyone who gets a ticket by this saturday are:  (this is off tim’s site.  #7 i was not the target that was tim)

1. Receive FREE admission to my NYC meetup the night of August 6th and the afternoon of August 7th (a $497 value)
2. Receive a FREE DVD of the conference (to be sold later for $997)
3. Receive a FREE copy of my upcoming academic case study I’ve been secretly working on for the past few months which calculates based on hundreds of examples the ideal holding time for both longs and shorts on promoted stocks. (to be sold later for $497)
4. Receive a FREE 6-hour DVD package of my recent Moscow seminar (to be sold later for $497), check out a video preview:

5. Breakfast, lunch and snacks on Saturday, Sunday and Monday

6. Cocktail reception on Friday night (open bar)

7. A wild baller night out on Saturday night at one of Las Vegas’ best clubs (open bar…yeah it’s gonna get sloppy like last year…one Pakistani-looking MALE subscriber tried kissing me…no joke…so please, review me on Investimonials if you love what I’m doing, no guys better try to kiss me this year, I wanna puke just thinking about it) (not that there’s anything wrong with it for other people…Brokeback Mountain was surprisingly good)

8. Access to chatting with my special broker who will be in attendance (trying to get him to speak!) and who will have a lower minimum account balance required EXCLUSIVELY for conference attendees

9. An EXCLUSIVE demo of auto-trading software one wise subscriber has created which has been earning him thousands of dollars per week, without him doing ANY trading on his own

10. The opportunity for a few active conference participants to attend the speakers’ dinner on Saturday night

11. The speaking ends early at 2PM on Sunday so attendees can have some time for fun in Las Vegas…those who stick around will have added chances to chat personally with me and a few other dedicated gurus who actually want our students to maximize their education.


the seminar cost is 1400 dollars.  if you use the PROMO CODE:  BULLS

it will be reduced to 997 along with those bonuses.


for our members or even non and maribeth will probably go to vegas a few days early to go goof around.  You guys are more then welcome to come hang with us before the conference we can all trade together during the day. if any of you guys are broke or dont want to pay for hotel..i have no problem throwing 30 sleeping bags in a big ole suite and we do this indian style and you guys just stay with me!


ADDED BONUS: @FOUSTOCKPICKS promises to bring his harem of groupies to the conference.  If many of you dont know him he is the 26 year old gentleman on twitter who puts up pictures of his mazarati and goes to nightclubs wooing pretty models by taking their photographs




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