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Do You Day Or Swing Trade?

We offer two premium packages based on your style of trading

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14 Years In The Making. 7,000+ Traders To Date.

We've helped thousands of traders achieve their trading goals. If you have a passion for trading, we'll provide the tools, instruction and one-on-one guidance you need to become a winning trader.

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Our Trading Partners

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The Bulls Team

A Collection Of the Greatest and Most Respected Traders In Our Space

Trader & CEO

Kunal Desai

Kunal is the owner and CEO of Bulls on Wall Street. Kunal began trading back in 1999 and ran both the ups and downs of the dotcom boom during his learning years. Since 2008, he has been teaching others how to trade momentum based day trading strategies. Kunal predominantly day trades, with a momentum based approach to his trading style involving a fundamental catalyst such as earnings or PR news.

Swing Trader & Lead Instructor

Paul Singh

Paul runs the popular Bulls Part Time Trader service. An experienced swing trader, he’s taught many subscribers how to make money trading while still holding a full time job. Paul uses a "Top-Down" approach to his market and swing trading analysis to build from Macro to Micro analysis on his trading

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Director of Trading


Sayed is a veteran of the stock market, receiving acclaim for his stock watch-lists. He trades in the Bulls room and blogs for the site, sharing his watch list and market analysis daily. Szaman trades the market all day, focusing on high beta names, and momentum based scalping. 

What Does It Take To Make It In Trading?


Whether trading is your passion or you want to earn extra income, you must make the decision in your mind that you will become a successful trader.

A Back-Tested Strategy

All elite traders have a proven successful trading strategy that encompasses technical analysis, risk management, psychology, scanning, and more.

Access To Experienced Stock Traders

Trading is a lonely game. Having a community of experienced traders that know your strengths and struggles can exponentially shorten your learning curve.

Learn & Trade With Our Partnered Trading Platform.

State of the art features, for a fraction of the price.

When you join Bulls on Wall Street, you also get a $25 discount with Tc2000, our recommended charting software that we use to trade and teach on.


Worried About Your Compatability?

We got you covered.


Whether you have PC or Mac, or you are on the run and need to use your Mobile, Tc2000 has your back. With easy to use drag and drop layouts to customize your charting, your technical analysis capabilities are endless at your fingertips.

So Now You Know Us...

"What Do I Do Now?"

Whether you are new or experienced to trading, follow these steps to take your trading journey from A-Z with us.

#1 Get Your Free Trading Kit

Learn the fundamentals of the stock market, how to trade it using different types of strategies, and how you can gain an edge by building a comprehensive trading plan for yourself.

#2 Take The Intro To Trading Course

Get the foundation laid for how to trade stocks effectively with a consistent approach once you receive your Trading Kit. Learn the fundamentals and technical analysis we use to trade these stocks day in and day out.

#3 Join Our Day Or Swing Trading Community

Once you get a better understanding of our two different approaches to day and swing trading, make an educated decision for yourself on which route you want to pursue and master.

Still Not Sure? No Problem!

If you need a hand walking through our trading education program and seeing what is a better route for your trading goals, simply reach out to us below and a trading mentor from our team will contact you shortly!