i will be reducing this ..i typically dont liek to hold more than 50k worth of stuff. its un needed. You can make all the money in the world with 50k. My position sizes here. Often if i had say 25k I wold still be near these position sizes if im trading breakouts and they are daytrades. If its a swing I’ll go a bit smaller.
But the positon size all depends on your stoploss. I never want to risk more than X amt of dollars. So the tigher the stop the larger my position can be.
PLM for example im going to swing this. But i added 1st for a breakout. My mentals stop was pretty tight. i put a physical stop at low of day incase soemthing bad happens but my mental stop maybe 3 pennies away from buy price. So i can go larger position. 2x then sell 1/2 into the spike and then swingtrade the other 1/2.
ill probably sell some wres up here too…trim trim trim. The ng positon im not sure why i kept it…it got lost in the shuffle. it was at 14.7 just the toher day..i could have made some decent profit. the rest of it i like.
I ALSO GOT MPEL In othe account!  1.5k



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