im thankful for my pappy giving me my first gold chain
im thankful for god growing hair on my chest in 5th grade
im thankful for my business partners urbanryno and stockgod who are my two best friends and both great role models.

Im thankful for my crazy good health. I havent been sick in a decade and require minimal sleep which has given me a leg up as Im always at 100%.  99% if im hungover.

Im thankful for rare earths…everytime i get bored these things go on a run and give us a trade

im thankful for @mb_willoughby who was my first student.  Her trajectory has been pretty extraordinary but not suprising. We haaaaaaaaaad lots of ups and downs and some huge blown up trades.  She started off doing very well then hit a plateau for many months where we just couldnt squeeze more improvement out of her and was regressing a bit. Ive seen this before and thats usually the period where the young trader will make some big mistakes and start developing all sorts of mental blocks.  In the end she came out of it by just sheer will and constant improvement turning a small 10k amount into 25k in just 2 months (without being able to daytrade).  She then took that 25k and turned into a sum where now she can trade for a living the rest of her life.

Im thankful for my 2 newest students Jason and Peter who both have an obsession and crazy love for the markets.  both of them have a deep commitment to not only learning but learning the right way which is huge.

Im thankful the economy didnt double dip into recession…it personally doesnt effect my income but it sucks to see so many people truly struggle.

Im thankful that Im starting to lose some of my hair..being bald will be nice. Im way to good looking need to even things out.

Im thankful for all the members on my site. Most of them have been with us from Day 1 and have never waved in their support.  Many of them like @cpruette @mb_willoughby @davcro @gofalc @idrinkchai @szaman @docking are all very good traders who are getting better and better everyday. Some of them will be top tier traders within some time.

Im thankful for skip weiler or @sweiler40. One of first guys in my chatroom.  Everyday this guy asks me “whats up with NEP, it moved 10 cents is there news out?”  and everyday i tell Skip “i dont own anhy NEP havent touched it in over a year”   he is a good guy and good friend

Im thankful for my new many new friendships formed this year. Ive learned from many of them all sorts of things about trading to self-improvment.  Guys like @zortrades @johnwelshtrades @szaman @tradermarket247 @investorslive @foustockpicks @gtotoy @ragincajun @tradeideas1 @traderstewie Ive taken something from each one of their styles and put it into mine.  I actually learned 99% of my breakout trading from Steven aka @tradermarket247 . He has turned into a great friend of mine..I get at least 10 messages a day from him with some type of insult about Indian people and how cheap they are!  he really is a nice guy and a great trader.  he is also 5 foot 2.


2010 was the year of Kunal.  2011 is going to be the year of YOU.   All my spare time and money will be spent improving our site and the tools that are provided for you.  We had in 2010 numerous people in our chatroom go to trading fulltime and hit numerous other financial/lifestyle goals.  This year we are going to go deluxe so that anybody who has the goal to really do this trading gig will be given every tool and opportunity to do so.  My hope is that a couple of the traders from our room become our next bloggers/traders.  Nobody works harder than me and @urbanryno we live breathe not only the stock market but this business.  Its on our minds 24/7 how to improve the experience for our subs how to improve their returns.  Nobody will outhustle or out work us.  No other site will spend day and night trying to make sure every single person hits their goals.

The stock market is an amazing thing It can give you so many gifts and so many opportunities. Its the ulitmate equalizer in life.  Whether your fat, slow, yellow, brown, short, blue collar whatever whoever you are doesnt matter.  Its all about your own skill and your work ethic.  If you commit to learning and actual method and learning a proper system of trading from A to Z you can accomplish anything  as there are no income limits. Doesnt matter if the market is up or down for the year…whether there is globlal financial meltdowns. Any market can be traded. The key is to have an indepth tool bag.  Exact methods for specific types of  market phases.  Most traders have just 1 style aka breakout trading etc.  When the market is not conducive to that specific method they are forced to apply it and trade when the probabilities are not in their favor thus incurring losses or underperformance. Over the years I have developed competence in all styles of trading from swingtrading, daytrading, breakout trading, scalping, PR/NEWs trading, earnings breakout trading etc.  With this toolbag I am able to make successful high probability trades in all market conditions.  With some hard work  you can learn those too and learn them very quickly.  Experience is not a condition for successful trading.  If you look at the best traders on the stream the guys that have their own services like weeklyta, tradermarket247, investorslive, foustockpicks, myself, timothysykes.  All these traders are in their 20s many of them are under 25 years old. Experience helps but its not a must.  To build competence you need repititions. You need to do something 1000’s of times and done the proper way with an exact system. 2011 these are things I will be focusing on in our chatroom, webinars, blogs, and private coaching classes.

2011 Can be the year of YOU. The question is our you prepared to take the first steps.  If you are then get in my chatroom and send me an email with what you want to accomplish and we will come up with a plan.



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