Boom Boom Stocks 12/31/2010

Not many will trading today..except us degenerate twitter folks. I fully plan to spend this morning massaging my monthly gains (which are probably very similiar to most people bi-yearly gains).
I was actually gonna take today off and go do the things that young me like to do on this fine new years eve but the action in $china $gsi $cpsl $chgs $xing has awoken something deep inside me. awoken a feeling that i thought might not come back for quite sometime.  The return of the Chinese Lotto.  The ding dong is back and possibly back just for this one fine momentous day. We have much to thank our chinese over lords this year. Not only do they own us..but they supply our gluttenous lifestyle in so many ways vis a vis purchases of worthless T-Bills and saturating our lives with cheap worthless retail junk aka Flat Screen Teeevees. Today is all about them.







i also like cnet, fuqi, china, ADY, cmfo, yong, uta. ALL FOR JUST A TRADE. NOT TO HOLD
remember if you doubt this post bad things can happen!
i brought ya gsi, cpsl, xing, cnam and so many others this year.
I brought you the Gunther song, The inventor of The Annexation of Puerto Rico the chief architect of the bottom booty bounce, the Godfather of Baaaaaaaaaaaallllllin, and the master of Boom. i spend my days lording over my disciples in the most holiest of places The Boom Factory aka best chatroom on earth.
I even know @tradermarket247 ‘s real name and his height (think Danny Devito)



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