Boom Boom Stocks 6/1/2011

Mornin folks. Futures are slightly lower as traders are digesting some new data that just came out. We’ve had a nice run in the markets the last week or so including a confirmed break of the resistance levels we were looking at yesterday. Im fully back in trader mode keeping numerous overnight positions along with daytrades. Risk is back on the table for me as the bears have been unable to take down the market. WE are starting to get a bit overbought so small dips should be expected. In my opinion i think the dips will be get bought for the next week or so as we attempt to tap highs on the S&P at some point. Ideally for today we will dip and retest support in the spx 1330-1337 area or so and then pop from there. Thats the mark im watching today.

going into today im holding fcel, csun, opxt, eee, ikan, ssn, lee,

here are some stocks im watching

also like fcel and ftwr on dips. both have big reversals and could be in play for weeks.



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