Boom Boom stocks 5/31/2011

Morning folks. Market gapping up nicely today with the spy up .8% premarket. Gap ups are very tricky and tend to take a lot of the edge out of first hour of trading. If your fav setups gap up over alert price just let them go or wait and see if they retest the breakout spot..settle..then resume the move. SLV, USO up nicely this a.m. keep an eye on silver and oil stocks for daytrades. Slv is right under some major ressitance on the daily chart so be careful of that. Looks like this gap up with set us right at the 20dma or above on the s&p. Whether this holds or not will be indication of for me if im going to add some size into my trades this week. This gap up today I wont chase with too many trades as its been very common to see the opening gap reversal and the market get taken down and then to reverse again once we nearly go red.

keep an eye on china ding dongs today off the YONG news its up 50% premarket. Lot of them are heavily shorted and on dead bottoms. Could be epic squuuuuuuuuuuuuuuueze

im holding hnsn, opxt, hill, ftwr, kva, glch, lee, urz, cigx ( some are partial positons)

some stocks im watching



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