Boom Boom 6/2/2011 | Bulls on Wall Street

Boom Boom 6/2/2011

Morning folks futures up flat so far..Not much going on so far this morning. Traders are in wait and see mode.

Nasty day yesterday I was pretty much completely wrong about the market. I figured any morning dip would get bought. Um no….we had a consistent trend day wehre market made new lows pretty much every hour in the after noon stairstepping its way down. There was no real leadership and banks got taken to the shitter. Im using spx 1300 as my nearest support before i get too scared. Right now we have seen dips before and thought about shorting and then bam your face gets blown off. Right now shorting at the tailend of a big dump is a bit dangerous. If we get a low volume bounce today then Ill look to see if there is shorting potential but im not there yet.

stocks im watching…

also got mbfi, rwt, bgcp, srz for shorts

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