Boom Boom Stocks 3/29/2012


Evening folks! market dipped today…it happens nothing goes up forever.  The dip was small and light there were was some damage to some individual stocks but heck my watchlist was near 50 stocks today.  Lot of strong momo stocks have finally pulled back a bit to spots where they might get fresh buying and can bounce.   Overall this type of stuff in the long run is constructive in the long run.  Heck we had a kick butt day in the boom boom room with some 10% gains in our shorts in $vrml and $arna. Then took 20 cents on $gluu on the early morning breakout. I sold off most of my $nlst in the 3.9s this morning on the gap from a 3.55 buy we then ripped $bvsn for 1.5 on @mb_willoughby’s call, then took almost 10% on $gv.   Really the main folly of the day was me buying $czr at 13.76 it running to 14.30 in a matter of minutes and me not selling off any shares..i went for the homerun and the stock dropped 50 cents and stopped me out in a matter of seconds! Talk about someone raining shares on our heads if I had kept my gains in that it ruly would have been a homerun day. 


Team dont forget to read @mb_willoughby ‘s post on how to catch knives in falling stocks TRADE REVIEW BVSN   


Here is todays video:



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