Watch List For 03/29/12

ALSN Recent IPO, watching 24.18 area .


CAAS Selling stopped at 20 SMA. Could work for a trade if
green tomorrow with stop below todays low.


DAKT  Stock seems to
be bottoming here. Watching 8.93 area for a quick trade.


DTLK Over 9.70 could be good for a trade.


EMKR Like the way holding 50 SMA. Watching over 5.04.


FENG Looks decent over 7.77.


INSP Testing the break out area and 20 MA. Watching over


INWK Watching over 12.05. Breaks out at over 12.24.


INXN  Watching over 18.27. Momentum play.


MBI Watching over 10.41.


MITK Might break out sooner or later, watching over 12.85.


NAT Shipper, 15.76 area of interest for a trade.Sector is strong.


NSIT Continuation watch over 22.72.


RLD Holding 200 sma so far. Watching over 13/13.37.


RNDY Bouncing off 20 SMA so far, watching over 10.80.


SMBL  6.60 area looks interesting.


XRTX Good looking base break over 17.50. HT @easymoney07 for finding this one.


ZLTQ Could be played either way. Long or short.


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