Boom Boom Stocks 4/2/2012

Market index performance 1st quarter

Nasdaq Comp: +18.67%
Russell 2000: +12.06%
S&P 500: +12%


Wow what a quarter! One of the strongest in memory.  This has been one of the better runs ive personally seen in the market since ive been trading.  Like I been telling my guys this type of environment are those times your doubling up and tripling up your accounts very quickly as its a wealth builder this market.  If your having trouble hitting your goals in this market make sure to get with someone (or feel free to emailme)  who can help you fine tune your trading method.  Often a 2nd eye can spot the simplest changes that a trader needs to make.  Just a couple small tweaks can take a trader with average results and change them into a trader who is hitting his goals. Friday was a bit choppy for me I just couldnt get anything going besides $trip I ended up taking 3 small 1-2% losses in a row as I was just not feeling the action.  Monday I will be more cognizant of the chop and make sure to take higher quality setups unless the market opens weak and then starts running H.A.M. then ill be back to kamikaze trading.


BULLS PRO  Members: Make sure to reserve shares to borrow  tomorrow morning  for SBSA, XIN, PNBC 

Here is todays video:

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