Boom Boom stocks 3/24/2011


Morning folks. futures gapping up nicely here.  It seems the market has started to digest the news overseas in japan and middle east.  Even the european debt news has been shaken off.   We do have jobless claims data today (which acutally means nothing).   Keep an eye on the S&P we are right at a major level of resistance. the gap up will cause us cross multiple levels of resistance.  The key will be follow through can it close above that area or do we gap and crap (meaning fail and fall back below).  I do have a swing position short of SPY using SDS i probably will stop out of it at the open for a loss.  If we gap up and fade back below I will probably add it back.


OIl is up to roll up to new highs very soon. Watch this sector there are stil lmoves to be had in many stocks. YOu see $rame yesterday? bam bam. tons more left to go.

and all my regular oil stocks are in play today… the usual suspects.

watch online web stocks to go off DSCM. i got a list ready to go for chatroom if they take off.



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