Select Setups From IBD200 Sub $20 List

Every Wednesday night, the IBD200 list is released and includes the best of the best according to their SmartSelect Composite Rating.

From this list of 200, I focus on the stocks under $20 (only from a lack of time to do much more).

OK, let’s jump right in..

GNET – In nice bull trend. .Look for move above 12.92 or for a pullback to sma20 for possible entries.

SKH – Watching for break out of channel and above sma20.

MTZ – SMA20 support and now sitting on top of sma10.  Would like to see it cross 21 for possible swing long.

NANO – look for move out of the box.

BRKS – Has offered great support above sma20 in the past.  Today, it finished just below in tight bollinger bands.  Watch for possible buyers on break of SMA20.  12.50 target entry.

UGP – Testing channel.

TQNT – The semis have had problems lately, but may appear to be basing.  Watch for TQNT to move above SMA100 for possible entry.

LPSN – Today’s tall shadow makes me nervous, but chart is nice.

CROX – Might be basing. Watch sma100





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