Boom Boom Stocks 3/21/2012

Slight dip in the stock market today but it went pretty much didnt even register for traders.  Even though the market was down a majority of the day there was very little selling among stocks and no rush to the door type feeling that you get when the market dips for the first in a couple weeks. All in all it was an pretty ordinary & orderly pullback.  Heck I didnt even know till 3pm or so that the market was down as my whole watchlist was firing today in the green with big breakouts all around.  If the indices are down but you see big breakouts in a lot of the plays your watching that to me is a sign to get aggressive and forget looking at the indices for the day.


team check out @szaman blog tonight. He was on fire he had lgf, affy all the trades he took today in his blog last night. He goes over exactly how he is going to be looking at his list tomorrow

We had a killer day in the chatroom …..AGAIN…..

we hit $affy right at the open at at 12.13 selling off most of our shares in the 12.8s

stp at 3.38 selling off most of our shares in the 3.6s

csiq at 3.44 selling off most shares in the 3.6s

joez – closed our swing today at 1.27 from a 1.09 buy

ecyt adding at 5.18 selling off last shares at 5.66

ampe adding at 4.38 selling at 4.22

Jks added 6.9 and 6.85 sold at 6.95 (gave back profits as i was greedy)

and a whole bunch of trades in $rcon taking 5-10% gains each time including a bunch of big ones and 1 loss of 6 cents.

overall an epic day to match what we did yesterday where we hit 4 trades in a row for 10% plus gains on daytrades.



If your curious to see how i trade watch this video on ECYT   this is one of the type of setups we take everyday called a pr/breakout.  We nailed this trade last week for a 35% gain in 1 day using this method.  Entry, Exit, SEtup explained in detail.



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