Boom Boom Stocks 3/22/2012


Evening folks! another consolidation day in the stock market.  Not much action today as we were in a pretty narrow range the whole day. Definately made it a bit tricky for day trading as there was not much thrust in the market nor any volatility. A couple days ago we did finally breakout on the russell2k and now we havent had any follow through on that so i went home pretty heavy cash.  When breaking out of such a range you definately want to see some follow through on it. The good thing was that there wasnt a big thrust back below the range we just ended up having 2 very light that put us smack dab in the range we been in.  As smallcap traders I keep a close watch on the russell2k as thats the index that holds most important for what we do.  As I was saying this weekend on sunday this week might just be a choppy week as we digest  the range breaks in the indices last week.  There were still a lot of opportunities today but on a scalpers level as there was very little follow through longer then an hour or so today. You had to be quick to make money today taking small gains wherever you could get them.

We have a webinar tomorrow for our new Bulls Pro members to show you guys how to use the platform. PETER THE INTERN will be doing the webinar tomorrow at 9:30 eastern time.  I would have done it earlier but @mb_willoughby will be doing a webinar tomorrow at 8:30 for our members to go over some trading dips and do a general study session.  If your not a bulls pro member but interested feel free to join to see how we setup the software and ask questions.  Our Bulls Pro not only get access to the trading platform but free membership to the chatroom/site.  If your under 25k and hit by the pattern daytrade rule this is your best option as you can freely daytrade


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Here is todays video:





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