Stock Ideas For 03/21/2012 and Reviews

 Hello everyone, @szaman here,another great  day in the boom room! Three alerts from  last nights watch list. Lets review:



 LGF Gaps up above alert 14.50. As a said “Likely gapper, wait for a setup if gaps” . Surely comes right down to fill the gap. Entry was on gap fill 14.31 , sold ½ 14.70. Then the stock bases  all day to make another run over intraday break 14.75. I tried again at 14.72 but lost my patience and stopped 14.65.Only later too see stock ramps later over 14.75.I bought few shares later as it was breaking out with huge volume surge at 14.80 out off desperation and sold all at close 15.20. I see the stock is up another .50c after hours. O well!
AFFY  12.04  was the alert, stock went right at the open and no entry. We entered a position at 12.13 hoping for a continuation as it
was riding ascending 9 EMA. Stock finally broke 20 EMA and should have been triggered a sell but I was watching how nicely it held onto that whole number 12. Sold ½ 12.41 and rest at close at 12.79 as I really don’t like to hold Bio.names over night.
FXCM  12.50 was the alert. By the time it 12.50 , stock was extended from morning low of 12.14 and it gets exhausted, falls right back to 12.20. We tried at 12.50 when it came back,it was good for .25c , sold ½ 12.76 and rest 12..65.
Stock Ideas for tomorrow:
ALLT High and tight flag. Breaks out at 14.25.


ALSK Bounces 20 SMA yet again. Watching 3.40 area.


BONT Breaks out over 8.95 with volume.


CDTI Bouncing 200 MA. Watching over 4.25 area for a trade.


Like the way one setting up below 14.49 resistance.


MDSO Another high and tight flag , over 25.95.


MNTG Watching for a continuation over  4.58.


Momentum name bouncing 8 EMA daily. Watching over 10.20 for a trade


SYN Bio. name, watching over 2.36 with volume.


ZUMZ  Earning mover,
continuation over 35.90.

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