Watch List For 07/05/2012

Great week so far this week in the Markets and in the Chat room. Now things are reaching overbought level. Overbought/oversold levels can stay longer than anyone thinks. Little caution is definitely warranted. below is chart of $NYMO,a popular indicator that  many investors and traders use to gauge oversold.overbought area. As you can see its at a peak of overbought level.

For Thursday , I picked some name that is still basing and hasn’t move much yet. If Market keeps on going, these are the names could be decent for quick trades. As a trend trader,one go with the flow and make the best out of it unless otherwise.

ASIA Watching this one over 12.75  for a trade with resistance at 13 and 13.90.


CALL  All coiled up
here above 50 SMA. Watching 19.64 area with 20 resistance.


EGLE Shipper stock.Like the way  bouncing 20 MA. Over 3.34 for a quick trade to
50 MA.


FIO Nice base between 20/50 SMA and closed at kissing 50 MA.Over
21.31 for for continuation with resistance at


IMUC Bio. name . Nice ascending triangle  base below 4.


JIVE All coiled up here above 50 SMA. 20/50 SMA Bullish crossover
coming soon. 21.75 area of interest.


MITK Trying come out of a this triangle . Bullish 20/50 MA
crossover. Over 4.19 with resistance at 4.75.


PAY 33.56 could be a short squeeze area.


Bounce play . Over 19.10 with resistance 19.56 and the 50 MA 21 area.


UBNT Finally this stock has a decent Bullish Engulfing
candle. Now watch over 15 for some short squeeze. Over 17% short float.


VTUS Knife Catchers special,
Over 4.40 with 4.22 stop for a rental.


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