Morning folks.  Looks like we are going to be getting a strong opening.  The SPY popped just a few minutes ago and is currently up .75%.  We just got some news from overseAS “DRAGHI SAYS ECB TO EASE COLLATERALCRITERIA FOR LOANS TO BANKS”    As of now we are just chopping around intraday as we set up for tomorrows summit. Dips are getting bought and runs are getting faded as we chop around under novembers swing highs.  The market doesnt like uncertainty and till that is resolved a strong break and hold of the 200dma is tough.  We have had a whole host of these eu summits over the past year they are great for rumors but tend to lead to more inaction and another summit.  StAY Light and nimble, intraday patterns are still working very well for the opportunistic trader







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