Boom Boom Stocks 12/7/2011

Evening folks! here is the watchlist for tomorrow!  typical action today when market runs into resistance we tend to chop around till we get a good solid pullback or a breakout.  Read my market wrap up for my thoughts on todays action. Here are tonights videos along with a look at the s&p.


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2 thoughts on “Boom Boom Stocks 12/7/2011”

  1. Evening Kunal,

    Just wondering if you could shed some light on your analysis of STMP. On the 3rd video at around the 3:17 mark, you mention that the stock is entering a “short zone” so I assuming you mean it’d be wise to look into shorting it soon. I referred to the stoich and its around 25 which in my mind signals “oversold”. The 20 and 50 moving average are almost converging at a point with the stock price with the 200 moving average being well below that. Now except for the fact that the 200 moving average being well below the other indices, what reasons would you say would cause it to enter the short zone? Maybe it’s because I’m a a beginner with stocks but isn’t it very possible that STMP could enter a price breakout very soon since it’s oversold? Maybe I missed a crucial detail due to my inexperience or maybe I’m placing too little importance on the 200 day moving average? Just wondering if you could shed some light. Thanks for hearing me out on my interpretation/explanation.

    Best regards,


  2. just cause its in ur mind its oversold doesnt mean its oversold! its oversold when its oversold under 20. plus oversold in this case is a sign of weakness and not good. sometimes oversold is good sometimes its very bad. the 200dma is so far under this stock it serves as no support as its nearly 10 dollars a way which gives it a lot of space. indicators are never used to buy stocks but just used to confirm price action. only price is used to trade.


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