Boom Boom Stocks 12/9/2011


Morning folks! Looks like we are seeing some strength this morning in the markets.  Im, expecting a crazy day so gap or down im taking with a grain of salt.  Yesterday we had some nasty action.  The market gapped lower and every pop was faded in the market.  The price action in the indices was as  bad as its been for a couple weeks.  The good thing was that a lot of individual stocks were still breaking out I had a killer day yesterday and have held a few positions overnight.  The market itself took itself right down to our first level of support today will be important to see if hold support and continue this bounce or we setup for a bearish reversal trade as we start taking out support levels.  As always remain heavy cash for the moment and be nimble yet opportunistic.

no interesting gapper plays just yet. its early though in premarket some might develop ill keep updates in the chatroom





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