Morning folks.  Looks like another gapper today with the SPY up 1% so far this premarket.    We got ourselves a relief bounce yesterday I couldnt read to much more into it.   After such a big drop on Wednesday some sort of bounce is typically expected.  The overall action was decent yesterady but it was hard to gather anymore clues as just chopped around most of the day.  We opened with a nice gap that quickly got filled as the market almost went red the programs kicked in mid morning…and then we just goofed around the rest of the day.  It was pretty much a wash.  My trading myself was a bit choppy yesterday also if it wasnt for the szaman coming in with some monster calls in BKS, OSG, KITD we would have been flat (but werent!).  We still got a gap to fill in the s&p 1250 which could be done today..if that happens we might be right back to the 200 day moving average.

if you guys havent done so yet.  Next weeks starts our bulls swing trading challenge   We are offering up 2 free months of subscription so send in your picks this weekend!






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