Boom Boom Stocks 11/10/2011 | Bulls on Wall Street

Boom Boom Stocks 11/10/2011

Evening folks. Crazy day in the markets today.  Once again we got hit with some news from overseas. this time it wasnt Greece but Italy.  We’ve heard this song and dance before.  The news cycle has the market by the balls.   When we have a positive news cycle we go up and it tends to run good news for a week or 2.  then we get a string of bad bad news.  1 big down day does not make a trend but it can be the start.  Follow through the next couple days will be key.  Watchlist is a bit slim today…i was reaching for a couple of them.  In reality you dont really need to make too many watchlists during earnings season anyways.  There will be 2-3 great earnings breakouts or breakdowns everyday.  Ill mostly be looking for those.


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