Evening folks.  Here is tomorrow’s watchlist.  Some of these plays will take a few more days to develop but all our hot hot. The markets after all its hoopla last week finished up almost 1%.  It was a bit tricky with the gaps on wednesday and friday. We still have some negative headlines that have been coming our way but the market has been shaking it off for the most part.  That can change any moment though so always be prepared for it.  Know your support levels on all timeframes.  When they start breaking down thats when those negative headlines actually did something.  Till then it doesnt mean anything. News can negatively bias your trading behavior and almost always will be a detriment to your results.  Price action is the main thing to be monitoring and the only thing that should trigger trade decisions.



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p.s.  For some reason my embed code is displaying each video 2x from 2 diff types of players.  There should be 3 videos for some of you it might show 6! If you see 6 then just skip every other one. Im waiting on King Jordan the i.t. guru to put a fix on this for me





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