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Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

6/25/2010 premarket

      gooood morning. we are looking flat at the open. USO, UCO aka OIL are up a tad.  Seems that oil has bottomed as there is a divergence right now between the market and oil (interesting).  GDP numbers […]

6/24/2010 Watch List

A read on the SPX and a few stocks I’ll be watching tomorrow.

6/23/2010 gameplan

    morning folks .Futures up a tad maybe .5% or so. Oil slightly weak to flat. europe is down slightly.  right now the futures are creeping up due to FED day where helicopter ben is supposed  to reiterate that […]

6/22/2010 premarket

         Just as we expected we turned around at the 1130 mark after the open.  This type of stuff happens as resistance is rarely broke on the 1st try   We are looking at a flat open, […]

SPX Chart and Trading Recap

I’m currently only swinging one stock into Tuesday and am concerned about the SPX strength on SMA200.

6/21/2010 gameplan

     stocks, commodities..the market all gapping up on China’s decision to let the Yuan gain strength (just 1-2% most likely which in the scheme of things is crap)   remember folks. We are mostly in a news driven market… […]

New Stocks On Friday’s Watch List

It’s Friday on a market cosolidating on support. Should be interesting.

Premium Webinar – Stocks

Here is the webinar we did on Sunday…

Quick Look at SPX

We still need to watch SMA200

6/15/2010 gameplan

  futures gapping up nicely.  Oil rebounding.  We hit resistance yesterday had a slight pullback but those losses are being made up this a.m.  We are at a key level so trade lightly till this resolves itself but the market […]

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