Slightly green week on the markets.  Even though indices are making new highs lot of momentum stocks have lost its mojo.  China stocks were one of the leading areas were spec money and hot cash was riding in but with the news in $nq we saw a lot of distribution in those names.  This market needs some rotation into some new sectors beyond solar & china.  Keep an eye on some of these new movers like the education names like $apol if they pullback and those dips hold maybe that can be the next group we can trade for the next few weeks.  Otherwise my watchlist is superlight. Not even enough names on it to merit a blog post.


We have our Trading Bootcamp Starting November 5th. If your interested in doing this for a living you need an elite coach someone to take you from steps A to Z. We do 28 classes over 60 days to get our guys ready then put them on a trading simulator.

Here is @szaman ‘s watchlist 

If you have questions on whether your ready to trade live money make sure to read this blog:




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