10/25 hot stocks

Another flat day overall in the markets. We had a killer day in the bulls room going 6 for 8 with $2210 in gains. 

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Check out this recent blog post by kunal on knowing when you are ready to trade live


ACAD- breakout watch

RSOL- breakout watch.. flagging

OMER- flagging

WLT- 16 looks to be breakout spot

PDLI- breakout watch

BIOS- bottoming out. watching for pop out of this name. sector has been hot

NPSP- breakout watch


3 thoughts on “10/25 hot stocks”

  1. Looking over your blog posts, it seems that most trades look like scalps using 1000+ shares. Is this the norm? I think we spoke once on the profit.ly??? site? I just sold a few items and have about $10K to put in play. Judging from the short term trades and 5 to 50 cent profits, is this the norm? if so, 10K may not do very well. Just pondering your methods vs. leveraging with options…. thanks.


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