11/5 hot stocks

Nice start to the week in the bulls room with $969 in gains today. This coming off a killer month of October. See all of those trades here.  The bulls room has been on fire and if you aren’t trading with us then you have really been missing out. We are offering a two week free trial for any new prospective members.. just email me mb.willoughby@gmail.com to get signed up.

Solar stocks have been the hot sector for the past few weeks.. we have seen stocks such as $fslr, $scty $jks $hsol $csun all flying. One of the big sections in our bootcamp is teaching you how to sector trade and sympathy trade momentum stocks. That momentum can come from a big earnings report, news, or even a big chart breakout.

The best part about the bulls room is that we dont put huge capital at risk. Kunal keeps 40k in his ameritrade account and keeps 15k in his other trading account through our bulls silver program.  Our goal at bulls is to help people with smaller accounts make consistent profits week in and week out. As you can see we keep our losses small and minimize our risk by making sure we take a manageable position size on each trade. Small gains add up to big weeks! We try to trade small but trade aggressively and add those gains up, resulting in huge weeks and months.  Kunal is on video all week all day giving out the alerts live and teaching while he does. Come try us out!




NYNY- stock is flagging


DQ- watching for continuation on this bounce


BBRY- potential short on g/r move in the morning



SSTK- breakout watch. triple tap


KUTV- breakout watch


SPWR- hot solar name.. looking for breakout



BKS- gap fill/breakout


OXBT- parabolic short watch







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