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Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

9/20/2010 gameplan

Watchlist and market overview for 9/20/2010

Possible Short Squeeze Stocks

Here are a few stocks with high short interest that could get squeezed if the market moves this week.

9/17/2010 Premarket

premarket notes

30 MOMO Stocks 9/17/2010

    I am seeing momo stocks on my scans for a good chunk of this run. I run this scan for my subscribers everyday to make 1/4-1/3 of daily watchlists. When market rips these are the most powerful plays […]

9/16/2010 premarket

pre market roundup on key news what to expect for today

9/16/2010 gameplan

todays watchlist

9/15/2010 premarket

premarket notes, key levels to watch on SPX

9/14/2010 Portfolio Update

My trades today

9/14/2010 gameplan


9/13/2010 – Portfolio Update

Here is a quick reacap of my trades today

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