Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

4/23/2010 watchlist

Keep these on tap they are ready…                                  

Breakout Stocks 4/22/2010

  The market is gapping down a tad if it regains strength after the open  these are some of the stocks I expect to breakout   reits are still catching a bid   me likes   RAS pretty strong stock..I […]

Sectors and Stocks Watch List for 4/21/2010

Hre are a few stocks and sectors worth watching tomorrow.

4/20/2010 Watchlist

    Today was a grind grind out day.  Lot of stocks that normally would have broken out for big 10-20% gains ended up petering out after 5% gains.  When you get  a choppy market like that you got to […]

What I’m Watching Monday Morning

After a weekend to absord the GS news, how will the market react? I’m not sure, so I’ll be sitting on the sidelines as the market opens.

4/14/2010 Watchlist/ Position UPDATE

           My original plan was to shave off a bit of my positions as the s&p was struggling at 1200 coupled with overbought conditions and earnings on the way my feel was one bad report and […]

How the Inexperienced Traders got Clowned on LIWA

This blog explains it all…

Watch List Update and A Few Additions

A quick check on the past two Watch Lists and a few new speculative plays to watch on Tuesday.

4/12/2010 Watchlist

      Looks like the funny men in moustaches aka “europeans” have saved the greeks even after years of being subjected to nudist male statues and silly things such as philosophy and mathematics….Looks like we melt up today.   […]

Newbies to the 4/12/2010 Watch List.

Here are some late night additions to my Monday Watch List.

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