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fridays boom booom stocks

watchlist of breakout stocks

10/15/2010 gameplan

market overview and daily watchlist

SPX Chart 10_14

quick look at the spx

Poking Through

          Market has broken through upper band (im not big on indicators but they are nice to point some extremes)   as you’ve seen in the past. The break of the bb leads to some violent […]

Boom Boom List

    I dont like big gap ups they make things very tricky to trade especially on the breakout side but looks like traders want to run up the market for a bit more (like it wasnt obvious a month […]

10/13/2010 gameplan

market overview along with watchlist

Trade Review of MPG

review of our past trade this last few days of MPG


market overview. new watchlist of stocks

Return of the China ding dong

    The burritos are back in play for now buys.  Check $fxi the chinese market is looking pretty solid. Ton of stocks right on the bottom big shorts in them.  Yes most probably have accounting problems..but who cares! that […]

10/11/2010 gameplan

review of market indexes including watchlist for the week. Also some favorite china stocks that are getting ready for a big move.

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