Decent day in chat..i started off slow first couple trades. It seems after all these years I still at times get too giddy at the open and rush into trades real quick been noticing that the last couple weeks.  Its a bit tough for me at times as I just have so much darn energy that I have to really try to calm down before the open starts and make sure that first hour or so I dont have more then 3 positions going at once thats when my giddy factor starts to appear!   We had a pretty good day thanks to $mobi I got a pretty good list for tomorrow we will be watching these stocks again $jrjc $mobi $csiq $wuba $bita seems that the chinese stocks got the most juice right now.


Nice blog from @pauljsingh on his favorite swing trade setup.  THE BREAKOUT PULLBACK


that was the first setup he taught me when he was teaching me.





[screencast url=”http://screencast.com/t/Le06n3IuEf” width=”” height=””]



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