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Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

7 Must-Watch Videos To Master Earnings Trading

Earnings season is right around the corner! One of the best times of the year to be a momentum trader. Every day there are dozens of stocks gapping up and down in response to quarterly earnings reports. Earnings trading can […]


The Best Exit Strategy For Momentum Traders

One of the hardest parts about trading is your exits. How do you know how far a stock will go up or down? How do you stop taking profits too early? How do you know the stock won’t reverse and […]


The 6 Steps To Become a Successful Trader

Everyone wonders how to get started trading and what the path is like to become a successful trader. Unlike most trading services out there, we are not going to sugarcoat it and pretend it’s a quick or easy process. This […]


Why You Cannot Learn to Trade from DVDs

Most new traders have huge misconceptions about trading DVDs and how to learn to trade for a living. They think that they just need to buy a DVD, get the strategies, and then open up a brokerage account and start […]


3 Simple Ways to Enhance Your Trading Performance

Making a focused watch list and game plan for the trading day will increase the probability of you making money. We showed you guys yesterday how to make a comprehensive trading plan for stocks on your watch list. But at […]


The 4 Elements of a Successful Trading Plan

There is no point in making a trading watch list if you don’t make a trading plan for every name. We talked yesterday about how to narrow down your watch list to improve your focus. But you could have the […]


The Most Important Step of Creating An Effective Watch List

If you run the liquid gainers scan that we discussed in yesterday’s article, you will probably get 100 or more tickers coming up. Some traders think they are done here. They think that having a big watch list means they […]


How to Find the Best Stocks For Your Watch List

Now that you understand the characteristics of the best stocks to put on your watch list, you need to know how to find these stocks. We typically run very simple scans to find the stocks to put on our watch […]


6 Essential Characteristics of Explosive Stocks

We discussed in yesterday’s article the 5 steps for creating a successful watch list.  Today we will discuss in detail the first step: Knowing the characteristics of the best stocks to trade. Many traders lose because they have the wrong stocks […]


Free Webinar: Learn How To Build A Successful Trading Watch List

Your watch list is the most important preparation before your trading day. You cannot cut corners when it comes to making a watch list. You cannot become a successful trader without making a watch list. You cannot copy someone’s else’s […]


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