Another killer day in the chat room with just over $3k in gains. that makes over $7700 for the week already.… We finally got a nasty pullback in the market, which we needed. The market was getting extremely extended as well as alot of the charts. This pullback should be healthy for us.

We nailed the $fxen short right out of the gate and owned the huge breakout in $clnt. Not to mention, nailing the perfect flag breakout in $immr. All of these trades are our signature bulls “go to” setups.  The great thing about our chatroom is that the alerts are called out live on video as they are happening. Because of the great risk to reward rules that we use, we keep our losses small and bank huge winners.

So if you want to learn to trade like we do and increase your consistency and most importantly, your gains, shoot me an email. We also have a great deal in our chat room where if you trade with our broker, you get free access to the chat. The broker uses DAS trader as the platform, 5.50 trades, excellent short borrows, $2500 minimum account. I can send you the info on this! My email is

Here are the trades from today along with my top picks for tomorrow:

CLNT- r/g watch

GRPN- nice relative strength compared to the market today, bull flag

BEE- breakout watch

ACRX- nice strength today.. watching for a break of this flag

FNSR- short setup

ZLC- weakness all day. should fill the rest of the gap tomorrow if market is soft. watching for g/r move





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