Watch List 05/24/2013

Gap down and another red day in the Market after Japanese market’s  7% pullback. However, dip buyers showed up on recent momentum sectors like 3D printing names, solar’s, bio’s . Let’s see if dip buyers stays put. After 2 down day and before  long holiday weekend it wouldn’t be surprised to see a Market bounce  tomorrow. Another great week so far in Bulls chat room with over 7K gains.

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ALKS Earning move. Continuation over 33.15.










AMBC  Orderly pull back so far. Bounce watch.










BLMN  Retail name. 22.40 breakout watch on a good setup.










DANG Gap filled. Over 6  might get a pop.










HIMX  20 MA bounce. Continuation over 7.23.










IMMR Holding up well during sell with increasing volume. We are swing long this one.










OWW Over 8 for movement.










RSOL Solars had bounce today. Watching this for one.










TEAR Over 10.34 for continuation.










THRX Really like this one. Gap fill, breakout retest and 20 EMA bounce.










TSRX Really like this one. Breakout retest and 20 EMA bounce.










UNXL 23 bounce watch.










VVTV 4.48 breakout watch on a good setup.1 day rest even better.










WAIR Continuation over 17.21 on a good setup.










XONE Flagging.  Over 44.30 to target 45.65+







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