Great day for the bulls crew.. we had huge gains in $rsol $dang $fro $fxen $unis. The total in alerts for the day was $3722. Its shaping up to be another big week. The great thing about our chatroom is that the alerts are called out live on video as they are happening. The positions sizes are very manageable and we keep our losses small!

Being able to make money consistently is possible but it takes hard work and a solid trading system that you know works. If you belong to the Bulls chat room and see me, Kunal, Szaman and others trade you know the system works. You can watch every single day as we call out profitable trades in real time, like today when kunal alerted $unis at 3.52 – right before the stock brokeout! The stock ran straight to 4.20 after that.

So if you want to learn to trade like we do and increase your consistency and most importantly, your gains, shoot me an email. We also have a great deal in our chat room where if you trade with our broker, you get free access to the chat. The broker uses DAS trader as the platform, 5.50 trades, excellent short borrows, $2500 minimum account. I can send you the info on this! My email is

Bulls subs: if you missed out on my webinar last time.. listen to the recording here.

RMBS- flagging

RTEC- breakout watch through 12

XOMA- flagging

ARRS- short setup

SPPI- bioteach basing out here.. looks ready for gap fill

WPP- breakout watch



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