5/21 hot stocks

After a 7k week last week, the alerts in the chat room were on fire again today with $1479 in gains today alone! Kunal is on video all day calling out plays.  Bulls style of trading is perfect for all size accounts as most of the trades are done using 7-13k position sizes! One of the best things about the Bulls trading style is that we take advantage of the same momentum setups that appear day in, day out, regardless of whether the market is up or down. That means when this huge market run we’ve been on finally ends and all the fairweather traders start to lose money, we will keep locking in the gains.

If you aren’t a member yet, you can join us in the Bulls chatroom, which has a live audio and video feed, a great community of traders and killer stock picks! http://bullsonwallstreet.com/pricing/ Joining also gives you access to all our premium posts and watchlists, plus webinars, trade reviews and more!

And if you are really serious about becoming a consistently profitable trader who can extract gains from the market whether it’s going up or down, shoot me an email and we will talk more! mb.willoughby@gmail.com

Bulls subs: check out szaman’s blog post on $rsol trade in detail 


WLT- heavily shorted stock.. could pop through 20

BEE- flagging- wathcing for breakout.. nice volume today

EGLE- stock is flagging, watching for more strength and a break of todays highs

HTCH- parabolic short watch

DANG- parabolic short watch

YY- stock is flagging

PWRD- breakout watch

JASO- r/g watch


2 thoughts on “5/21 hot stocks”

  1. OOppps,

    I get twelve hundred and not over 2K for the longs.
    Just need to have another look at the calculation.

    BUT, Rock On, I say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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