4/8/2010 Watch Lists – Swings & Scalps

Today was an unusual day for me – I didn’t take any new positions today – just exited out of a few swings. 
Tomorrow is a different story.. I’m eager to play! 
Here are a few newbies to my watch list:
WAVE – scalp off trendline support.  I really don’t want to hold this one overnight and will have an eye on it for any kind of intraday volume move.
MENT – Lots of consolidation.  Would like to see a strong move through SMA50 for possible entry with 8.80 target.
GERN –  Not the greatest looking chart, but I’m willing to try an entry above 5.90 for possible swing.  I do like the Slow Sto reversal.  Gotta hold trendline.
EXK – Messy chart, but RSI14 is moving nicely through 50, volume is strong, and we saw a nice MACD positive cross. I like it above blue trendline with a target of 4.00.
LIWA – I know a lot of you jumped into LIWA today.  This chart is for your reference.  There isn’t  clear support under this trendline, so tread carefully if you hold under.  If history plays out, this is a great entry with a nice reversal likely back up to 9.50 range.  I’ll be watching this one tomorrow.
VHC – This is probably my favorite chart on tonight’s watch list.  I love large channel patters as they set themselves up nicely for swing trades and well defined stops.  Nice Slow Sto rounding reversal with RSI14 setting up for a move.  I’m looking for a position above trendline and then I’ll hold on the for the ride.
KLIC – last, but not least.. KLIC – simple setup here.. looking for strong move out of ascending triangle for swing.



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