4/6/2010 Portfolio Update

My latest trades and positions in my short term trading account. 

Still Holding RNWK – Nothing exciting happening here, but I’ll stick around as long as price holds above SMA50.  chart.

CPSL – I sold second 1/2 of position for nice gains today.  Again, this was a long reversal off 2.12 support. 

MNI – Boom.  Exited today on perfect channel breakout. See chart from day before..

DPTR – Another profitable trade that I exited today. Big move.

VVUS – Still holding. Not much has changed.. would like to see more volume to push this up towards 10. chart

ANPI – I’m still in this, but it’s my one turd right now.  Volume dried up.  I’m sticking around, but stop is nearby, just in case.  Slow Sto looks good, but RSI14 is looking down – needs to hold 50.

EGHT – Took profits today.

New  trades:

Long UCBI at 5.05 and sold 1/2 at 5.20.  Check out the chart. Broke through horizontal resistance and SMA200 on sector strength.  Holding 1/2 position.

Long BRCD at 6. Blah! Thought we might get a move through the gap on up volume. Still holding, but not marrying.

Long GMO when it moved out of textbook consolidation.  Sold 1/2 at 3.71. Target 4.10.
So, in summary…
Still holding: RNWK, ANPI, and VVUS. 
Sold: CPSL, MNI, DPTR for nice gains.
Added: GMO (sold 1/2), BRCD, and UCBI (sold 1/2)

See you tomorrow in the boom factory.



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