Newbies to the 4/12/2010 Watch List.

Short term speculative setups for your viewing pleasure… ping me if you have any questions.

VHC – I still have an eye on this one for Monday for possible swing trade entry over SMA50 around 5.15.

MITI – Swing setup on bottom of channel – I’m a big fan of upward moving channels and might consider a long position if it holds north of SMA50.  Friday offered the perfect entry down on the trendline, but we could still see a week or two swing back above 9.
IVAN – We need to be careful here.  The long term trendline was broken last week (orange line) and it’s now building on a descending triangle.  I fall below horizontal support (yellow line) could send IVAN back down to SMA100.  However, if we do hold trendline, I may consider an entry around 3.40 on the attempt to resume original channel.
FRPT – Interesting trianlge formation here.  I’ll have it on the radar in the morning to see if it can push through top trendline.  MACD and Full Sto both turning up.  Would love to see a run with volume early this week
TQNT – Not a perfect ascending trianlge, but definitely worth watching.  A strong move through 7.50 could open the doors.

KLIC – (still on radar from last week) I’ll be watching KLIC to see if it pulls back to horizontal support around 7.75. If it does and hold, I’m looking for possible long swing.

CCOI – Possible swing with entry as close to horizontal support as possible. I like the volume increase over the last few days and an apparent RSI14 bottom. Stop just below trendline.
F – If you like Ford, this is a good time to take a look for a swing off SMA50 and trendline support.  Also like the over sold Slow Sto. 

PDC – Swing setup – Descending triangle on improving MACD and rounding bottom Slow Sto.  We could see a break above descending trendline early this week creating a quick move to SMA100.  I have an 8.25 target here. 
Others to watch: HEK, RFMD



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