Market Recap/ Position Update

Grind Grind Grind the market goes.Booooom Boooom booooom We go….40 points a day 40 points a day…till the big shocker today….the market was flat.   everybody was waiting to read the fed minutes and the poooooooooooooooooooooof nothing happened. The world wanted “burrito Ben” to say he will keep rates low and its sounds like he will but still just grind grind grind.  Without any nearterm catalysts and overbought conditions the violent swings in the market are just not present. Its a slow meltup With $uso (OIL) breaking out….there has been a madash to find commodity plays that are on its bottom causing a mad bullrush in commodity stocks…  Mother market and her merry band of inflation groupies led by “burrito ben” are slowly reflating the market tick by tick
the banking sector got a lift from positive analyst comments today causing a run on the any bank that was near a bottom.  You could see money just flowing into the filthiest most bankrupt of banks. You could see huge runners in many smallcap banks like $cpf $pcbc following some of the other finnies that ran last week ala $pmi $mgi $kfs  etc
Im not sure what to make of the market as im seeing a divergence between the indexes and individual stocks. Indexes flat…..  Kunal00 bank accounts growing exponentially.  how many days am i gonna kick mother market right in the baby maker before she stabs my scrotum throws me down a rusty elevator shaft and pecker stamps me on the face (yes mother market is probably a tranny).  to be honest i dont know or care.  When we pullback it will be hard but who the f  really knows when that is so trade what you see and look for the “snap”
I was trading fast and furious today as there were b/o after b/o happening. These are the days you push the envelope and really grind out some big profits.  I had to “heatcheck” myself a few times just to see if i was as hot as I thought I was.
I didnt get to update all my positions on twitter as we were moving fast in the boom factory and i often wont/dont/cant get those on the regular twitter stream.  
Here are the trades from the last 2 days by yours truly…..  I must say i am creating quite the masterpiece here.
ACLS BUY 1.88 SELL 2.06  +++10% GAIN
PCBC BUY 1.86 ……. AT 2.15 (holding 1/2) +++++ 16%
CRUS buy    8.21        at 9.33    (holding 1/4) ++++++
SPIR buy 3.58   out 4.28 +++++  20% gain
RAS buy 2.02    at 2.25 (holding 1/2) +11% gain
PNX buy 2.54   at 2.88 (holding 1/2) + 14% gain
BBX buy 1.90, 1.95, 2.01  still holding got 1.95 avg ++ 3%
KAZ buy 1.00 out 1.06 +++ 6% gain
ANO buy 1.60 out 1.68 ++++ 5% gain
SHIP buy 1.19  closed at 1.34 (holding 1/2) +++ 10% gain
CPF buy 1.80 closed 2.05 (full pos) +++14% gain
LEI buy .879  closed .92 (ful pos) 
JOEZ buy 2.69 avg closed 3.30 (holding 1/4) ++20% gain
CERS  buy 3.10 out 3.29 8% gain
see guys thats what you get in the boom factory… you get these picks live.  you think you would have made your subscription back??
adios  BBP



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