Boom Boom Stocks 2/1/2012

Evening folks! another crazy day in the market after an initial gap down buyers stepped in with some oomph after we tested the 20 day moving average in the markets.  All weekend I was kicking myself for being on the road friday and missing the huge run in the social media stocks  where are guys were just ripping 10% daytrade after another.  But we got another day of it today and we got to play the game all over again. We were red hot in the chatroom today catching huge runs at the open in qpsa (popped 10% in 10 minutes after our buy) and FFN which we loaded in the .96/.97 area  at the open and we added at .75 on friday finally unloading our last shares at 1.17 for just an epic trade.   Ive been saying in our chat since .5s a few weeks ago that this stock will break 1.00 in january and it finally did. Then the bengali tiger nailed the trade on INVN at 15 for a buck and some change. Also had some nice trades in DANG, MOBI, LNG!  Amazing market we are in…hard to even sell things sometimes but this type of action never lasts forever once everyone gets comfortable the market will pull the rug out from underneath.  But…………..enjoy it while it lasts.  These are the times where you double and triple your accounts then go chill for a while.

Check out some of big willy’s trades on friday.. most people cant pull off this many winners in a month let alone a day 

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